Category: Gratitude

36 Things I Learned From 36 Years of Living

This week I’m celebrating my 36th birthday. 36… I find myself saying that number a lot these days. It’s impossible not to think about how much I’ve learned or how far I’ve come in 36 years. As a tribute to my 36 years of…


Things My Mother Didn’t Teach Me

My mother taught me a lot of things. Because of her, I can make some delicious spaghetti sauce. I know how to put on makeup well. Like my mother, I am inquisitive and have the constant desire to know more. These are just a few of the things my mother taught me.

Practicing Gratitude to Change Your Attitude

We live in a world of instant gratitude. We want everything right now. Technology has only made it worse. You can get almost anything, anytime.

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