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Expectation vs. Reality – Hot Yoga

In my never-ending quest for self-care, living a healthy lifestyle, and relaxation, I tried hot yoga at Element Hot Yoga for the first time this week. I’ve taken several yoga classes, but it’s been a while-and none of them were hot.


Conquering the Mountain

Last weekend I went on another girls trip with two co-workers I affectionately refer to as my “work wives.” I really admire and respect both of these women for different reasons and when we get together, it’s a lot of laughs.

Women to Watch: Brooke Bongiorno

Fitness has always been a part of Brooke Bongiorno’s life. As a child, she took gymnastics and dance and later moved on to figure skating and ice hockey. Her eating habits weren’t always great and she realized they were connected to some of the health issues she was having. After buying P90X for her husband one Christmas, Brooke decided to do it with him. “I did the food plan and workouts with him and saw great results,” she said. After having her fourth child, she knew she had to make some serious changes in her life.

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