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April Challenge: Spring Cleaning

As the warm weather settles in, most of us go on a Spring Cleaning spree. We do things we don’t normally do like clean the insides of windows, wash pillows (which by the way you should be doing every month), and dust places we don’t normally see all the time (like the top of the fridge). We clean out our closets and get rid of items that are too big, too small, not worn, and shouldn’t be worn.


December Challenge: 21 Days of Self-Care

The holidays can be wonderful, but they can also be stressful. There are holiday parties to attend, cookies to bake, and presents to wrap. It’s an entire season of eating, drinking, and being merry. But the most wonderful time of year doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your self-care.

November Challenge Wrap-Up

The November challenge was very simple: Say “no” to one (or many things) so that you could say “yes” to yourself. For a Type A personality who says “yes” without thinking twice, this was definitely a challenge for me.

Putting the ‘NO’ in November

As the holidays approach, it’s very easy for us to say “yes” to everything but ourselves. This is especially true as Thanksgiving is about gratitude and one of the many messages about Christmas is to give rather than receive. While I agree with both of those sentiments, I also feel it’s important to take time for yourself. 

October Challenge: Self-Care Sundays

Challenges can bring out the best in us. They push us to meet our goals and help us to keep going when we want to quit. So for the month of October, I’m launching Self-Care Sundays as a challenge to each of you to find at least 30 minutes to one hour per week to give yourself some TLC.

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