Expectation vs. Reality

This series of blogs explores the expectations we set for ourselves vs. the reality we live in. We’ll explore everything from goal-setting and achievement to living a healthy lifestyle, climbing the career ladder, and more.

Expectation vs. Reality – Living a Healthy Lifestyle
When I was putting together my vision board for 2019, I included the words Expectation vs. Reality on the board. If you’re familiar with Cosmopolitan Magazine, you know they do a monthly feature in photos of Expectation vs. Reality. That’s where I found the phrase. It stuck with me because my expectations are often very different than the reality.
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Expectation vs. Reality – Hot Yoga
Expectation vs. Reality -yogaIn my never-ending quest for self-care, living a healthy lifestyle, and relaxation, I tried hot yoga at Element Hot Yoga for the first time this week. I’ve taken several yoga classes, but it’s been a while-and none of them were hot.

The class I took was called “Recover,” which offers a mixture of smooth movements that support flexibility, deep stretching that encourages muscle lining to release, and restorative postures to lower stress levels. As with most yoga classes, it’s designed to relax the body and ease the mind. I went into this class thinking it would be super easy to relax and do all the poses.
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