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“You’re not always going to like your body-and that’s okay. You can be neutral about your body, and it allows you to focus on other things.”

kate_sutton-headshotKate Sutton is a licensed professional counselor who has a private practice in downtown Raleigh. Counselor Kate is all about unapologetic living for women and girls. When you step into her office, you immediately feel relaxed in her surroundings. As a “rad bodies rebel”, she believes that all bodies are good bodies. You can tell right away she’s very passionate about what she does. Her path to becoming a body positivity counselor was paved with many personal trials and tribulations, which I think is what truly makes her an expert in her field.

After a lot of trial and error, her own therapy, continuing education, and her work as a therapist, she was ready to start doing more counseling with eating disorders. She opened her own practice in the Fall of 2017 and went full-time in early 2018. She recently completed the Intuitive Eating Counselor Certification with Evelyn Tribole. She works with women and who are “tired of feeling shitty about themselves.” Like most therapists, she helps her patients change the negative belief system that lead them to believe their bodies are not beautiful. She does this through EMDR, group therapy,  and individual counseling, helping her clients explore how to honor their bodies.

When you enter Kate’s office, you’ll feel relaxed immediately!

“Women are taught to be smaller, to self-deprecate, and to care for others,” says Kate. “We need to recognize this doesn’t have to be our reality.” She encourages her clients to be compassionate and curious with themselves and find out what is really going on regarding the negative behaviors and beliefs. In the world of social media, photo-shopping and filtering is everywhere. “There’s a lot of toxic content and body-shaming,” she says, “But at the same time, there is so much good content out there.” The diversity of visual media to debunk the negative messages is growing.


As a woman who’s struggled with body positivity in my 20s, it was so refreshing to sit down and openly discuss some of the issues that have plagued women’s self-esteem for years. The work is never easy, but it’s worth it. “It’s important for us to continue to call out fat phobia and to lift each other up,” says Kate.

Kate’s favorite podcasts include: Food PsychArmchair ExpertOprah Super Soul SundayReply AllScience Vs.The Adult Chair and Wild Ideas Worth Living. Kate follows several body positivity activists including Sonya Renee TaylorJes BakerLinda Bacon, and Rebecca Scritchfield. 

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