Why You Should Never Stop Dating Yourself

Last Saturday night, I took a little extra time with my makeup and my hair. I spent a longer than normal amount of time finding a dress that flattered my figure in all the right places along with the perfect heels to accent the outfit. I wanted to look my best because I was going on a date…with myself.

I started this tradition many years ago when I was living the single life. For most of my twenties I was single more than I was in a relationship and because of that, I got to be very good at being alone. I realized that I didn’t need anyone to go out with me; I could do just fine on my own. So from time to time, I started eating at nice restaurants, going to concerts, and even traveling alone. In doing so, I gained more confidence in being alone.

When you go to a restaurant all dressed up and on your own, you get a lot of strange looks from people. I would guess most people thought I was being stood up. But I didn’t care. I didn’t need a reason to be there or validation from others. I just knew I was happy doing something I wanted to do all by myself.

I’ve been in a relationship for over four years now and I still value my alone time. My partner is not into fitness or grocery shopping – two self-care activities I happen to love – so I get to do these things alone. There are quite a few weekend days I’ve left the house to do my own thing and I’m gone all day. The “me time” is good for both of us. And it reminds me that even though I have someone to do life with, I am still incredibly happy being alone. I treat myself with love and respect because if I don’t, no one else will.

Take yourself on a date this weekend and treat yourself like the queen (or king) that you are. You deserve it!

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