Women to Watch – Ericka Spradley

“Abandoning my dreams is no longer an option for me-especially when I believe I am currently doing the work God created me to do.”

Ericka SpradleyEricka Spradley is the Chief PowHer Officer and Founder of Confident Career Woman. Her business is founded on the principle of helping women define professional success on their own terms. Her consultative coaching skills help her clients learn to interview better, have more confidence in the workplace, and leverage strategy to achieve career success based on their goals.

While Ericka is able to articulate who she is today, that has not always been the case for most of her career. She spent many years working in retail as a store manager. “It wasn’t until I wanted something different but couldn’t identify what ‘it’ was that may life shifted,” she says. Ericka provided her employer with a six-week notice, withdrew her 401k balance, posted her resume online, and went on vacation. Her leap of faith landed her a role in the banking industry as a Financial Center Manager and sparked a life-changing lesson: Skills are transferable.

That leap led her to relocating to a city where she knew no one. She finished her undergraduate degree at 40 years old while launching her business as a career coach AND working full-time. After researching entrepreneurship and reflecting on the success she had achieved managing someone else’s business, she decided to be on herself. “Because I was responsible for running a business as a store manager,” she says, “I believed I could do the same for myself. It was simply a matter of leveraging the skills I used on a daily basis in my previous job.”

“In essence, I implore women to believe in themselves, persevere, plan for their career success, and play to win.”

Since launching her business, Ericka has published three books, secured a role as an Adjunct Professor, and launched an online career course platform for women. The impact of her work with clients includes promotions, upward mobility, and salary increases. She enjoys helping women succeed. Her future ambitions include helping one million women around the world advance their careers and achieve professional success via her online courses.

For more information about Ericka and her business, visit https://linktr.ee/confidentcareerwoman1.

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