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Gretchen Campbell is the owner and founder of Grow, Encourage, Empower, a licensed professional counseling service for young girls. Since starting her practice in 2015, she has assisted countless families by working through crisis situations, parent/child relationship issues, child and adolescent behavioral concerns, and young adults struggling with life transitions.

Originally from New Jersey, Gretchen received her BA in Psychology from Kean University in Union, NJ and her Masters Degree in Counseling at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ. She worked in the mental health field for over 10 years doing community work,  inpatient treatment and case management services when she realized she wanted to reach people on a more personal level. “I always knew I wanted to be a therapist,” she says. “I wanted to impact people’s lives one-on-one.”

When you step into Gretchen’s office on Chatham Street in downtown Cary, NC, you immediately feel relaxed and at ease. Her environment is tailored specifically to teenage girls. Her goal is to provide an atmosphere where patients will be able to sense a feeling of authenticity and genuineness to ease in taking the healthy steps needed toward making positive changes in their lives.

“I wanted to impact people’s lives one-on-one.”

She specializes in working with adolescents experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, socialization stressors, mood swings, self harming behavior, and parent/child relationship issues. Mother/daughter issues can be quite prevalent during teenage years (oh the hell I put my poor mother through!), so Gretchen offers parent/child sessions to address the issues that arise in that relationship.

Young girls often have a way of thinking negatively about themselves . Social media has a huge impact on a young girl’s perception of herself. With the thousands of Instagram accounts of celebrities, models, etc., it’s easy to see why girls are constantly looking for the “perfect” body or thinking that they just aren’t good enough. “Social media is a gift and a curse,” says Gretchen.  “You can’t shelter them from it, but it’s important to implement boundaries and to set limitations.” She helps young girls understand that they are not alone in these feelings while working to improve confidence in themselves.

With each patient, Gretchen identifies the areas of struggle and how to manage stress and anxiety. They work together on creating a treatment plan by defining goals and objectives as well as how to measure them. She also gives them homework and many times, they girls are proud to come back and tell her they’ve actually done the homework she assigned. “It’s very rewarding to see them grow and apply what they are learning in here.” she says.

Creating balance and focusing on self-care was ingrained in her from the early part of her career. She makes it a point not to take work home with her and has adopted the practice of mindfulness in her daily activities. “I try to be present in the moment instead of focusing on what’s next,” she says. She’s also an avid fan of meditation and encourages that practice with her patients. “The earlier you start, the better,” she smiles.

“I try to be present in the moment instead of focusing on what’s next.”

Through her practice, Gretchen offers several events to help young girls navigate the challenges of their teen years. She even provides mother/daughter mini-retreats to help improve communication while having fun. She helps moms connect so they know they are not alone in the struggles they experience raising young women. Gretchen plans to continue to grow her practice and dreams of opening a wellness center that provides yoga, meditation, and counseling services.

For more information about Grow, Encourage, Empower, visit https://www.growencourageempower.com/.

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