Month: April 2019

Unleash Your Inner Superhero

I wasn’t a huge superhero fan growing up. With the exception of the world of Batman, I didn’t know much about any of them. I didn’t read the comic books or play with the action figures, and not because I was female, but because it simply didn’t interest me.


Expectation vs. Reality: Self-Care

Welcome to the newest series within the You First blog: Expectation vs. Reality! In this series of posts, I’ll break down the expectations we set for ourselves with various areas of our life (self-care, fitness, happiness, etc.), the reality that actually occurs, and how to accept that reality.

April Challenge: Spring Cleaning

As the warm weather settles in, most of us go on a Spring Cleaning spree. We do things we don’t normally do like clean the insides of windows, wash pillows (which by the way you should be doing every month), and dust places we don’t normally see all the time (like the top of the fridge). We clean out our closets and get rid of items that are too big, too small, not worn, and shouldn’t be worn.

Conquering the Mountain

Last weekend I went on another girls trip with two co-workers I affectionately refer to as my “work wives.” I really admire and respect both of these women for different reasons and when we get together, it’s a lot of laughs.

Women to Watch – Gretchen Campbell

Gretchen Campbell is the owner and founder of Grow, Encourage, Empower, a licensed professional counseling service for young girls. Since starting her practice in 2015, she has assisted countless families by working through crisis situations, parent/child relationship issues, child and adolescent behavioral concerns, and young adults struggling with life transitions.

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