Women to Watch – Michelle Cummings

“Do it your own way, but don’t do it alone.”

Michelle Cummings is another one of the lovely ladies I met at the Jen Sincero event in December 2018. We struck up a conversation and I knew right away I wanted to feature her on the blog as a Woman to Watch.

Originally from England, her family moved to Long Island, New York in her elementary years. During her senior year of high school, her parents moved to the Poconos. She realized there wasn’t much opportunity for her there, so she moved back to NY and had her first apartment by the time she graduated HS. “I had something to prove,” she said smiling. At 18 years old, Michelle was living on her own, working, and attending Nassau Community College. She went on to Hofstra where she would complete her BBA and MBA degrees. She obtained her CPA license while completing her MBA and working for one of the largest accounting firms in the world.

After working for two more Fortune 100 companies in New York, she moved to Massachusetts to work for the largest privately held investment services firm. Michelle spent most of her career in Financial Services during which time she and her husband  started a family. Her drive for success led her to more and more challenging roles, integrating new products across the firm.  “I was fortunate enough to have a position that allowed me to bring people together,” she said about the role. After some time, Michelle realized she wanted something a little less demanding.

Michelle started to explore her options. “I wasn’t really finding anything good enough to keep me away from my boys,” she said, “so I moved out and began consulting.” This role allowed her to choose how she spent her time. It offered more flexibility between work and home life – a balance that can be difficult to achieve.

Michelle was able to select the projects she wanted to work on while enjoying more freedom to explore the possibilities that life offered – which led her to Rodan + Fields. She was interested in the skincare line and took a closer look at the products, the doctors, and the business model. “This company was very transparent,” she said. “I could personally attest to the quality and value of the products.” 

“I could do things on my terms.”

Partnering with Rodan + Fields gives Michelle the opportunity to grow a business her way. It fits her personality and the personal goals she wants to achieve. She’s able to work remotely and spend time with her family while generating income. Building this business allows her to connect with people – something she really enjoys doing. She even hosts a dinner about every six weeks to bring female entrepreneurs together. “There are a lot of incredible women out there and I want them to meet each other!”

Despite all she has going on, Michelle makes self-care a priority. She walks outside almost every day and installed a treadmill desk in her home office. “Self-care is about scheduling and planning,” she says. “You have to be disciplined.”

Michelle is not slowing down anytime soon. She plans to continue to grow her business with Rodan + Fields as they expand globally. “You can do anything you want to do,” she said. “Do it your own way, but don’t do it alone.”


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