Women to Watch: Carol Clokey

Last year, I had the great pleasure of attending Jen Sincero’s Bad Ass Book Tour event. In case you haven’t heard, it was amazing. In addition to witnessing Jen in all her bad assery, I had the opportunity to meet and connect with some wonderful women.

Carol Clokey was one of these women. She immediately drew me in with her warm smile and glowing personality. I soon discovered she has her own self-care blog, Dancing Around the Fire. Carol’s blog speaks to women in their fifties or older. “As women, we’re used to taking care of everything and everyone else,” she said. “Years go by before we wonder where our lives went.” Her blog encourages women to take time for themselves.

“Every woman I know around my age wished they had put self-care first sooner.”

Carol is a full-time lawyer, a career which demands more time for work and less time for self. Perhaps it’s why she started her blog over 20 years ago. As her website says, Dancing Around the Fire is a state of being, intimately connecting to Source and Self. It’s dancing, loving yourself, living your life for you. “I want women to know it’s okay to take care of others, but it’s necessary to take time away for themselves as well,” she said. “Every woman I know around my age wished they had put self-care first sooner.”

In my opinion, the most remarkable thing about Carol is her resilience. Many years ago, she experienced a horrific trauma. Over time, Carol was able to heal and move forward. After hearing her story, I was in awe of her. She turned her pain into joy and now helps other women focus on taking care of themselves.

Carol is also a Channeler, Mentor, and Healer. More information on what she does can be found on her website.

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