Month: January 2019

February Challenge: 14 Days of Self-Love

I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. When I was single it was a reminder that people were coupled up and in love. It’s not a great feeling. But even when I started dating my partner almost four years ago, I still wasn’t a fan. In my opinion, it’s a Hallmark holiday.


Women to Watch: Carol Clokey

Last year, I had the great pleasure of attending Jen Sincero’s Bad Ass Book Tour event. In case you haven’t heard, it was amazing. In addition to witnessing Jen in all her bad assery, I had the opportunity to meet and connect with some wonderful women. Carol Clokey was one of these women.

Decluttering is Part of Self-Care

I have been Marie Kondo-ing my house for the last week. It started small and has now grown into a full-blown obsession. I’ve always been a fan of her methods, but the Netflix series kicked me into high gear (like everyone else.)

My 2018 Reads

I love to read. It’s one of my favorite activities and brings me a lot of joy. Walking into a bookstore is almost as bad as walking into a shoe store. I want ALL the books because there are just so many great ones out there! When I get a gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble, I immediately want to spend it on books.

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