Bullet Journaling

I recently discovered the art of bullet journaling. As a person who lives and dies by her calendar, I’m officially hooked. There were quite a few podcasts I listened to this year that stressed the importance of writing things down by having a physical planner and not just a virtual one. It makes sense, because the more you write it down, the more likely you are to remember. I also realized that my life had become a series of Post-It Notes. Grocery lists, to-do lists, reminders. They never seemed to end. There had to be a better way to organize this information, right?

Enter the art of bullet journaling.

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this concept, but I’m so glad I did. Developed by Ryder Carroll, this method of journaling compiles EVERYTHING. Your calendar. Your lists. Your reminders. That book you wanted to read. It’s all in one place.

Ryder’s site provides a tutorial on how to outline your pages. Your planner has a table of contents so you can outline each page or section of the journal. When I first started this method, I was using one page to list out all the dates of the month. (I quickly realized that was not enough space, but more about that later) Each month gets a dedicated task list. This is where you list all the things that you have to do within the specific month. There’s also a Future Log that spans six months so that you can move tasks that didn’t get completed in a specific month to the future log to help you remember to include it in the next month’s task list. For example, “Change air filters in house” has been on my monthly to-do list for two months now because it’s just not getting done.

I realized I had to dedicate more space to each day of the month to list “all the things.” I wanted to see how others were doing it, so I went searching on Pinterest. I found over 1,000 posts on how others have gotten creative with their bullet journaling. It’s inspired me to be a little more creative as well. There are so many stickers and enhancements you can order on Amazon. Be warned: it’s easy to get sucked in and go nuts over your journal.

Remember I mentioned you needed a place to write down that next book you want to read? There’s a page in your bullet journal for that. I now have a running list of all the books I want to read. The page is also listed in your table of contents as a reference point so you’re not flipping pages looking for it.

Bullet journaling is a great way to stay organized, motivated, and dedicated to the tasks you need to complete on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It’s meant for those who really like to take the time to plan out their days, weeks, and even months. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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