Women to Watch: Brooke Bongiorno

“I love being on the journey with others. It’s so rewarding to be a part of changing someone’s lifestyle!”

Brooke Bongiorno, Owner and Founder of Fit and Balanced

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Fitness has always been a part of Brooke Bongiorno’s life. As a child, she took gymnastics and dance and later moved on to figure skating and ice hockey. Her eating habits weren’t always great and she realized they were connected to some of the health issues she was having. After buying P90X for her husband one Christmas, Brooke decided to do it with him. “I did the food plan and workouts with him and saw great results,” she said. After having her fourth child, she knew she had to make some serious changes in her life. She became certified as a fitness instructor and put her passion into motion. In just seven months of study, she became a Sports Performance Specialist. “I have seen so many coaches doing it wrong with these kids,” said Brooke. “They start them working out incorrectly and creating more chances for injuries and imbalances. I wanted to fix that.”

Clients getting their workout on at Fit and Balanced

Brooke is now the proud owner of her own fitness studio, Fit and Balanced. When she opened the studio in 2015, she had a clear vision of helping her clients fix imbalances and injuries and work out with proper form. “I wanted to help others progress through fitness the right way,” she said. Fit and Balanced brings a holistic approach to fitness, teaching clients to use natural healing, stretches, clean eating and more.

As a mom of four, Brooke stays busy. She is very active in the lives of her children and still finds time to put herself first, working out every day whenever she can. Brooke’s day often begins at 3:30 AM, as her first class is at 5:00 AM. Her last class ends at 7:00 PM when she heads back home to get her kids ready for the next day. It’s a huge tag team effort between Brooke and her husband, but they make it work. All of her kids are athletes and she creates workouts for them based on the sport they play. “They give me a hard time sometimes,” she smiles, “But I have to keep teaching them the importance of working out.”

Brooke is now taking steps to take her business to the next level. She wants to work with youth and adult athletes to help them train properly, extend their performance, and reduce the risk of injuries. Her long-term goal is to create a true health center with professional trainers who specialize in certain levels of fitness. “I want people to come to my gym and move through the different stages of training based on their fitness goals or any injuries they may have,” she said. “I love being on the journey with others. It’s so rewarding to be a part of changing someone’s lifestyle!”

Brooke has a dedicated group of clients who show up for her classes consistently and truly enjoy the training and guidance she has to offer. With her unique approach, Brooke has created a health and fitness community that continues to grow. But she won’t stop there. “If you have a passion for something, chase that passion,” she said. “Don’t ever let others hold you back from something that makes you happy and fulfilled.”

Brooke teaches 14 classes each week. Her schedule accommodates early birds and night owls so you can find a class time that works best for you. Classes passes are available for purchase online as well. For more information on Fit and Balanced, contact Brooke Bongiorno at fitandbalancedinc@gmail.com or visit her website at https://www.fitandbalanced.net/.

More About Brooke

Brooke is a graduate from the National Personal Training Institute of Charlotte (NPTI) in North Carolina. She is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) with certifications for group training,  speed, agility and quickness training, cardio for fitness specialists, youth exercise specialist, and sports performance specialist. 

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