Women to Watch: Sarah Calhoun

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Sarah Calhoun, Founder of Reflections of Zen

I’m excited to launch a new series of the blog called Women to Watch. I’m a huge proponent of women building each other up, sharing their struggles, and celebrating their successes. This series will highlight women who are putting themselves first, following their dreams, and making shit happen. I’m honored to feature my dear friend Sarah Calhoun as my first post in the Women to Watch series!

Sarah is one of those of remarkable people that draws you in with her glowing personality. I was instantly drawn to her because of her warm smile and strong spirit. She’s passionate about many things (including the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots, sadly) and is focused on living a life of joy.

(I’m not just saying these things because she’s my friend; it’s the truth.)

White Howlite Natural Stone 108 Beaded Mala Necklace

Sarah recently launched her own online boutique of handmade jewelry. Reflections of Zen features an assortment of yoga/meditation bracelets and necklaces that are all made by Sarah. “As a child, I always enjoyed making crafts,” she said. “It sort of followed me into my adult life.”

Even if you’re not a yogi or a meditator, you’re likely to find a piece that speaks directly to you. There are pieces that encourage patience, lower stress, clear your mind, and enhance self-acceptance (my personal favorite). “All of the beads and stones I select are the highest quality,” Sarah says. “The stones have various healing properties and have a unique look and feel to them.”

Tiger's Eye Natural Stone

Her store launched last month and has seen an influx in orders. It’s a perfect gift for the women in your life who are all about peace, love, and self-acceptance. I just ordered my first piece from her and I know I’ll be ordering more.

As a Woman to Watch, Sarah is proof that you can incorporate your personality and passion into building your own business. Visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/reflectionsofzen to view the full line of jewelry and learn more about the healing properties of each piece listed.

Do you have a suggestion for the Women to Watch series? Send it to youfirstlifestyle@gmail.com.

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