What Are You Holding On To?

As Summer fades into Fall, it’s about time for me to switch out my wardrobe. Fall is my FAVORITE season and if I could stay outside all day, I would. The weather is cooler, my hair is straighter, and nature is just beautiful.

Every time I switch out my wardrobe for the seasons, I always end up cleaning out my closets. I’m fortunate enough to work for a company where we have a relaxed dress code, so I don’t wear dress pants, suits, or blazers unless I have a corporate event. Every closet has signature pieces. My signature pieces are jeans, long sweaters, baby doll dresses, leggings, and lots of boots. But do you ever feel like you’re holding on to things you don’t need because you’ll “wear that one day” or you’ll “get to that size” after you finally stick to that diet you’ve been working on for two years.

Why do we hold on to these things and how can they possibly help us move forward in our path to self-improvement? It’s okay if those pants don’t fit; you can buy new ones that make you feel sexy and confident and fit in all the right places. If there’s a dress you wore one time and you’re fairly certain you’ll never wear it again, why is it taking up space in your closet?

Chalene Johnson has a two-part podcast on decluttering and it CHANGED MY LIFE. When I was switching out my Fall/Winter wardrobe, I got rid of a lot of clothes. I had dropped about 4 sizes in clothes, so a lot of things didn’t fit. And as I was taking things out, I realized my style had changed. I no longer wanted turtleneck sweaters or needed all those cardigans. I dropped four bags of clothing off at Goodwill and it was as if a huge weight had been lifted from my chest.

When I shop for clothes now, I ask myself, “How often will I wear this?” or “Do I genuinely need this?” If I’m not in love with how it looks on me than I’m not buying it. I’m sure I’ll still be getting rid of some pieces this weekend, but I know it will be much easier knowing that I’m no longer holding on to things I don’t need.

I challenge you to put this into practice when you start your decluttering projects. You’ll feel so much better and you’ll realize that this simple practice is yet another form of self-care.

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