Month: August 2018

Enjoy the Process

Learning a new skill or putting your goal or plan into practice can be exciting. Let’s say you wanted to learn how to play tennis; it’s been something you’ve been meaning to do for years. You finally find the time to do it, so you decide to go all in.


It’s Okay to Say No

One of the things I struggle with the most is saying “no” to new projects or helping others. I’m not an overly enthusiastic people pleaser, but I do enjoy helping others and spending time with my friends. The problem with saying “yes” to everything means I’m saying “no” to something else – usually myself.

Meditation as a Daily Practice

I discovered the joy of meditation this year. I had been hearing about it often from various celebrities in the news, reading about it in books and blogs, and finally just decided to try it.

Living Your Best Life – As a Dog

I have two dogs, Diesel, and Shay. There are times when they drive me crazy, but mostly, they bring me a lot of joy. I can’t imagine my life without them.

Lately, my dogs have inspired me to live more like they do. For example, my dogs are SO happy to see me when I get home, no matter how long it’s been.

How Do You Speak to Yourself?

I recently watched a video of myself from June interviewing a colleague at a corporate event. The first thing I thought when I appeared on screen was, “Is THAT what I look like?!” (and it wasn’t a good exclamation).

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