Month: July 2018

A Note to My Younger Self

A few years ago, Tyler Perry posted a link to a challenge that CBS This Morning gave him. The challenge was to write a letter speaking to your younger self. Inspired by his post, I decided to do the same.


Practicing Gratitude to Change Your Attitude

We live in a world of instant gratitude. We want everything right now. Technology has only made it worse. You can get almost anything, anytime.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important parts of self-care. When we don’t sleep well, we’re cranky, we don’t function as well, and obviously, we’re tired. Sometimes life happens, and we just end up getting to bed later than we should.

The Joy of Solitude

am a person who enjoys being alone. I mean I love being alone. I’m comfortable being alone. I am often asked, “What’s so awesome about being alone? Don’t you like to be around people?” Of course, I like to be around people, but I relish my “me time.”

It’s Time To Put “You First”

Welcome to the first post of “You First,” the blog that’s all about putting yourself first! It’s my hope that you’ve found this blog as part of your path to self-improvement. In fact, I started this blog as part of my path to self-improvement. My…

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